Step Up Your ITSM Delivery Game

Train Easy, Win Easy!

Unlock all your historical ticket data to gain deep insights about your past and present delivery performance.

Swish Every Single Ticket!

AI-driven decisions are informed in real time to improve and optimize the outcome of every new ticket.

Turn Your Agents Into Champs!

Expedite ticket assignments to the best-matched agent based on skillset and workload — eliminating bottlenecks and turning each agent into a true champion.

Budget: Nothing But Net!

Intelligent and accelerated ticket flows ensure all your resources — people, time, and costs — are optimized to maximize your ITSM budget.



ITSM Performance

“Vanilla” ITSM Tools 30%

Rules-Based Automation 60% Hyperautomation 200%

Rules-Based Automation 60% Hyperautomation 200%

HOW SWISH WORKS hyperautomation platform mines, automates, and predicts the best course of action, and then routes to the best-matched agent

One Spirit, One Team, Always Win.

Discover how boosts your IT delivery experience

ANALYZE to unleash insights

The platform evaluates your historical ITSM ticket data to create and inform dynamic AI models that capture insights about your unique environment, even as it evolves.

UNDERSTAND to accurately classify’s patented solution goes beyond NLP to understand your company lingo. It improves the understanding of each underlying ticket issue and identifies the next best action accurately on the spot.

EXPEDITE to the best agent

Once tickets have been accurately classified, the platform evaluates additional real-time variables before assigning them to the best-matched agents. We also provide reference resources to ensure they have everything needed to resolve the ticket without re-routing or pausing it.

MONITOR to maintain control

The platform provides you with a comprehensive dashboards to view all your metrics so you confidently know where things stand — all in real time.