The first hyperautomation intelligence solution that works with any existing ITSM tool to uncover and act on insights in real time, accelerating ticket resolution time and reducing costs.
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Step Up Your ITSM HyperAutomation Game

Swish.ai provides unique Intelligence capabilities across your ITSM ecosystem using technologies such as NLP and business process mining to transform your data into HyperAutomation Intelligence.

Incident Prevention

As part of your Continual Service Improvement strategy, you are tasked to uncover what your top preventable Incidents are in each of your global regions. With Swish.ai you will not only find all your major preventable incidents but you will get the Intelligence you need to significantly reduce their impact on your company.

Ticket Deflection

Are you trying to understand how to implement a winning self-service strategy? Swish.ai gives you the Intelligence you need to know exactly where and how to direct your customers to your knowledge base and other resources, all while keeping customer satisfaction high.

Process Automation

HyperAutomation is your top priority for 2022 but it’s challenging to know where and how automation can help plug the gaps you have in your global ITSM organization. Swish.ai will not only uncover many Shift-Left opportunities but can also map out the business case for a positive ROI on each potential project.

People Augmentation

Your team has to dedicate precious resources on manual ticket dispatching, ticket triage and post close analysis. Not only will Swish.ai help free up time for your team but you’ll be able to monitor your team’s workload and understand their true skill-sets, driving better onboarding and ongoing training for everyone.


Cover Your Full HyperAutomation Potential By Uncovering Your Hidden Insights

HyperAutomation Journey

Incident Prevention

Ticket Deflection

Process Automation

People Augmentation

Traditional Intelligence 60%

Swish.ai Hyperautomation Intelligence 200%

"Service management is an obvious target for the emerging hyperautomation industry due to the rapidly growing ticket volumes and labor-intensive processes enterprises rely on today. Most organizations are struggling to make incremental improvements to their workflows and are thrilled when their KPIs show they’ve reduced their ticket resolution time by 1-2%. The Swish.ai team has already proven the value of hyperautomation for some of the largest companies in the world and we look forward to supporting and partnering with them on their next stage of growth."

Yair Snir - Managing Director, DELL

How Swish.ai Works

Swish.ai transforms ITSM data into HyperAutomation Intelligence. Bring it all under one roof and start acting on real-time intelligence based on true 360 degree view of your IT organisation.

Why You Need HyperAutomation Intelligence

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