Achieve Unprecedented IT Stability with Swish AI's Anomaly Detection

Empower your ITSM leaders with essential insights for seamless enterprise operations. Swish Anomalies Detection offers advanced early detection capabilities. Our distinctive system, grounded in human observability, captures subtle variations in user behavior, equipping you with the data required to preemptively tackle issues before they intensify.

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Accelerate Anomalies Detection with Human observability

Unlike traditional monitoring tools that read logs, Swish performs human observability by reading the user incidents and their behaviors and alerts you as soon an anomaly spike is detected allowing you to catch anomalies before they turn into major incident.

Trigger Self-Healing: Reduce major outages TTR

Upon detection of an anomaly spike, Swish can trigger RPA on the customer backend to automatically resolve the incident. Drastically reduce outages and maintain your business continuity without any disruption.
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