Unlocking New Heights of Efficiency: Swish AI Transforms Healthcare ITSM for Exceptional Customer Success


Leumit Healthcare Services uses Swish to provide a holistic real-time dashboard for our Service Desk manager with emphasis on early detection of spikes and system wide failures. Swish also helps us uncover shift left and user training opportunities to enhance our ongoing effort to reduce our ticket load. Leumit Healthcare works with Swish Customer Success to implement ITSM best practices, bringing vast knowledge on incident prevention techniques, shift-left, automation and people augmentation.

The Challenges

The Swish IT Help Desk supports Leumit Healthcare headquarters and administrative functions as healthcare workers in it’s clinics across the country. Fast response and special care is required, especially when a healthcare worker is experiencing an IT incident while providing service for our customers. With a growing demand for IT services our main challenge is to continue to provide excellent service, while maintaining a lean IT staff. Leumit Healthcare looked for an AI based solution that could integrate with its BMC Remedy force ITSM with minimal integration efforts and virtually zero setup, to achieve our  business goals without increasing staff.

The Outcome

Swish’s real-time dashboard gives us early warning into emerging problems, and enables us to detect and contain major incidents efficiently before they become widespread. Swish customer success partnered closely with Leumit Healthcare’s Service Desk team to identify the most time-consuming services and offer concrete resolutions to either prevent, deflect or automation the processes. This partnership combination of product & customer success was a real game-changer for Leumit to achieve concrete optimization solutions.
"Swish AI-based insights with their personalized success coaching accelerates our journey to ITSM operation excellence. Partnering with Swish was a real game-changer for us to achieve concrete optimization solutions."
Rakefet Jacoby
CIO @Leumit
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