Swish Unveils Groundbreaking Spike Detection App As Part Of ITSM Hyperautomation Intelligence Platform

Las Vegas, May 23, 2023 –

Swish, a trailblazer in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for IT Service Management (ITSM), has launched their innovative Spike Detection application as part of their ITSM Hyperautomation Intelligence Platform.
The application is powered by advanced AI, designed to monitor, identify, and swiftly address sudden service ticket spikes to prevent disruptive and costly major outages.
Sebastien Adjiman, CEO of Swish, said, “Our Spike Detection app is an essential tool for modern ITSM organizations. By harnessing the capabilities of AI, we’re enabling teams to proactively manage their ticket volumes and potential disruptions, thereby protecting their operations and bottom line.
The application leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) clustering and anomaly detection to continuously monitor incoming tickets.
It alerts users when it detects an abnormal surge of similar tickets, enabling rapid action or automation triggering to prevent negative impacts and reduce the fallout.
Major outages can pose significant financial risks to businesses. By detecting spikes as they occur, the Spike Detection app helps organizations circumvent potential costly disruptions, saving both time and money. Furthermore, the app provides critical insights into past ticket spikes, enabling users to analyze and address these incidents more effectively in the future. “With our new app, we aim to alleviate the challenges posed by sudden ticket volume spikes and contribute to a smoother, more efficient ITSM process,” said Adjiman.
Swish invites all ITSM organizations to experience the benefits of their Spike Detection app as part of the broader ITSM Hyperautomation Intelligence Platform, which aims to maintain smooth operations, achieve high customer satisfaction levels, and ensure financial stability.
For a personal demonstration of the Spike Detection app, please contact your Swish account manager or visit Swish.ai.
About Swish
Swish is a pioneer in AI-powered ITSM solutions, transforming the complexities of enterprise IT service management into streamlined, cost-effective operations.
Backed by Dell Technologies, Swish is the first SaaS Hyperautomation intelligence solution to meet the growing market demand. It illuminates the full spectrum of an organization’s ITSM raw data, providing ITSM leaders with a real-time, comprehensive view of their ecosystem.
Leveraging NLP and Process Mining, Swish identifies operational challenges and efficiency opportunities across all functional domains of ITSM. It offers optimization capabilities such as knowledge management, proactive intelligence, and self-service support to enhance customer experience. With Swish, enterprises can achieve increased efficiency, optimal cost control, and an elevated customer experience within their ITSM organization.
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