HCL Technologies and Swish AI partner to accelerate Digital Workplace Hyperautomation

November 17, 2022:


Enterprise ITSM is one of the most time-consuming and expensive IT functions. The rapid acceleration of digital transformation has resulted in a 30% increase in IT ticket volume. Furthermore, the pandemic fueled the Work from Home (WFH) phenomenon, contributing to a global IT labor shortage.

Organizations through ITSM solutions easily recognizes endless issues such as increasing service requests, longer resolution time, and repetitive occurrences of known IT issues. These issues not only indicate a staff shortage or poor performance of IT service delivery and incident management teams, but they also clearly indicate bottlenecks in ITSM operational workflows.

Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence’s ability to simulate human intelligence and interactions has piqued enterprise IT interests. As a result, in addition to making ITSM a profit center, it ignites innovation that directly impacts commercial success. All of this has led to an unprecedented demand for ITSM hyper-automation.


Our solution powered by Swish AI, a Dell Technology-backed company, is the first SaaS HyperAutomation intelligence solution to meet rising market demand. It autonomously sheds light on the entirety of organization’s ITSM raw data and gives ITSM leaders and executives a real-time “birds-eye” view of their ITSM ecosystem, allowing them to maintain and optimize operational excellence.

This assists in identifying operational challenges and opportunities for efficiencies across all functional domains of ITSM and offers optimization over shift left and shift right capabilities such as knowledge management, proactive analytics, and self-service support to improve customer experience.

With this solution, ITSM organizations can increase efficiency, as well as optimize and reduce costs for their ITSM organization by integrating seamlessly with existing ticketing solutions. Additionally, the solution provides real-time intelligence to the ITSM tactical teams, monitoring parameters such as agent skill set, team workload, and ticket urgency.


HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company, and Swish AI (a Tel Aviv Startup backed by Dell Technologies Capital) have announced a strategic partnership.  Swish AI has six patented ML and AI technologies, as well as NLP and business process mining. It enables ITSM leaders to discover the complete service level understanding of every individual ticket, critical incident, and business impact autonomously and in real time.

This partnership will enable HCLTech to leverage Swish AI’s unique capabilities to offer an advanced Hyperautomation intelligence solution for the Digital Workplace market.


Rakshit Ghura, Senior Vice President & Global Head, Digital Workplace Business Unit, HCL Technologies, said, “HCLTech has always been at the forefront of the innovation for Digital Workspace Services, and this partnership with Swish AI will allow HCLTech to bring this cutting edge innovation to existing and new customers. Together with Swish AI, we will help HCLTech enterprise customers achieve a strategic advantage by accelerating all of their ITSM KPIs.”


Sebastien Adjiman, CEO and co-founder of Swish AI said:We founded Swish.ai with the belief that all ITSM enterprise leaders have started their hyper-automation journey, and they want to have the ability to turn the avalanche of data that’s being generated by today’s digital interactions into autonomous decisions which are smarter, faster and more accurate. As Swish AI continues its international expansion among Global 2000 companies, this strategic partnership with HCLTech is a game changer for Swish and will leverage the power of our solution with HCLTech’s strong global presence and its domain knowledge in digital workspace services, to provide enterprise ITSM leaders across the world with access to a unique hyper-automation intelligence offering”.

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