Agent intelligence

Discover how Swish AI’s advanced intelligence can transform your ITSM operations. With our cutting-edge Agent Intelligence, gain deep insights into your team’s performance and optimize your processes for a superior customer experience.

Take your ITSM team to the top of the podium with agent intelligence

Unlock valuable information about your ITSM team’s performance with Swish Agent Intelligence. The Agent Intelligence app leverages cutting-edge process mining and Natural Language Processing technologies to collect data on agent performance throughout the ticket lifecycle. It then uses artificial intelligence to cluster tickets and provide insights into common issues and trends. These insights help you optimize your ITSM process and deliver a better customer experience.

Score big with deep insights

Using process mining, Swish AI’s SLA Breach Intelligence reconstructs the journey of every single ticket, identifying the moment of breach and all the patterns and sequences that the ticket has gone through. This helps you pinpoint bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your processes.

Proactive performance improvement with customized training

Swish Agent Intelligence allows you to generate a customized training plan based on deep insights. Match underperforming agents with top performers on specific topics and clusters, improving overall performance and meeting objectives. With Swish, you can take a proactive approach to performance improvement and achieve your ITSM goals.

Enterprise-Grade Solution

Swish AI prioritizes top-tier data security and compliance, adhering to SOC 2 Type II and GDPR standards. Our platform ensures secure, confidential data handling and aligns with global security norms, offering an enterprise-ready solution for dependable ITSM operations.

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